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A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Levon is a good old boy from Arkansas. The blues helped raise him, and flow through him with the blood in his veins. No other drummer sounds like Levon Helm! (all tracks except 6 &12).

Johnnie Johnson: The Father of Rock and Roll Piano. A young Johnnie Johnson hired a 16 year old Chuck Berry to play a New Year's Eve gig. The result is part of history. The songs that Johnnie and Chuck made together began a chain reaction that changed the world. Johnnie also led Albert King's rhythm section during the period Albert made his most definitive blues recordings. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No other piano player sounds like Johnnie Johnson. Tracks 10 &11.

Gus Thornton: Bass, tracks 1,4,5,7,8,10,&11. Toured and recorded with Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn (4records), Katie Webster , and Johnnie Johnson.

Keith Doder: Harmonica,tracks 8 &11. Toured and/or recorded with Jimmy Rogers band, and Tommy Bankhead's Blues Eldorados, Keith is a fine bandleader (Blue City Band) and arranger in his own right.

Tom Maloney: Rhythm guitar,tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10,&11.Arranged tracks 1,5,8,&10. arranged tracks 4 and 7 with Jeff. Long time associate of Johnnie Johnson and Bennie Smith. "Mr. Rhythm Guitar".

Rich McDonough: Lead guitar, tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8,& 10. One of St. Louis' favorite guitarists, Rich is an amazing feel player, and a solo artist.

Arthur Neilson: Lead guitar, tracks 6 &12. Longtime guitarist and anchor of the Shemekia Copeland Band, and a fine bandleader and solo artist. Has also toured and recorded with Victoria Spivey, Cyndi Lauper, and many others.

Jimmy Eppard: Lead, slide, and rhythm guitar, tracks 2,3, & 9. Toured and recorded with The Band, the Cromatix, Garth Hudson, Jim Weider, and the Memphis Pilgrims.

Jeremy Baum: Hammond B3 organ, tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. Piano, track 9. Toured/or recorded with Debbie Davies, Sue Foley, Bill Perry, and Jim Weider.

Mike Dunn: Bass, tracks 2, 3, 9. Toured and recorded with the Cromatix, The Band, Garth Hudson, and Ernie Williams.

Andrew Falco: Rhythm guitar, tracks 2, 3, 9. Arranged tracks 2 & 9. Flatpicker and dobro player with bluegrass band Buddy Merriam and Back Roads.

Arno Hecht: Saxophones, tracks 4, 9, &10. A member of the Uptown Horns. Toured and/or recorded with the Rolling Stones, James Brown, Joe Cocker, Albert Collins, Dion, Al Kooper, J. Geils, Johnny and Shemekia Copeland, etc.

Levon and Larry ^

Credits, and A Little Background

Larry Thurston: Lead vocals. Born in 1951. Began his tenure as the vocalist in Matt "Guitar" Murphy's band in 1986. In 1989 Matt rejoined the Blues Brothers Band, and Larry became one of the frontmen for a band that boasted the likes of Tom "Bones" Malone, Lou Marini, Alan Rubin, Bernard Purdie, and Cornelius Bumpus. Until 1994 Larry shared lead vocal duties with Eddie Floyd or Sam Moore. In 1994 Larry decided to retire from the road. Being a devoted father and husband, and a man devoted to serving God, Larry opted for a more stable lifestyle. Music, however, will always be in Larry's blood. While Larry has a "real" job, and is an associate pastor in his church, the blues will always call him. Listen to this recording, and you will hear Larry respond to my blues.

Levon Helm: America's drummer. As vocalist, drummer, mandolinist, and harp player in The Band, Levon was part of a unit so unique, yet so steeped in tradition, that many music lovers will argue that it defined American music.

Johnnie **
Dona Oxford: Piano, tracks 6 & 12. Toured and recorded with Shemekia Copeland and Arthur Neilson. A fine bandleader and solo artist, Dona performs with Bill Perry, Sam Lay, and Todd Wolfe, among others.

La-Rita Gaskins: Backup vocals, tracks 1,4,5,8, & 9. Toured and/or recorded with Deborah Harry, Debbie Gibson, Jocelyn Brown, Steve Forbert, and the 3 Mo Tenors. Is a member of The Broadway Inspirational Voices. As such has backed up Aretha Franklin & Celine Dion.

Genie "Pepper" Swinson: Backup vocals, tracks 1, 4, 5, 8, & 9. Toured and/or recorded with Boz Scaggs & Wilson Pickett.

Tim Tindall: Bass, tracks 6 & 12. Toured and/or recorded with Phoebe Snow, Bill Perry, Johnnie Johnson, Arthur Neilson, Dona Oxford, Poppa Chubby, and Brian Mitchell.

Matt Mousseau: Drums, tracks 6 & 12. Toured and/or recorded with Dona Oxford, Arthur Neilson, Big Ed Sullivan, Poppa Chubby, and Christine Santelli.

Jeff Alexander: Songwriter/Producer of this recording. Based in St. Louis. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Alexander will always have strong ties to NYC and Woodstock, NY. Also writes in bluegrass, country, and country folk veins.

Gus, Tom and Rich ..
Levon, Jeff and Larry ^
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