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Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad! LINER NOTES.


Johnnie Johnson: The One and Only, The Father of Rock and Roll. A young Johnnie Johnson hired a younger Chuck Berry to play a New Year's Eve gig. The result is part of world history. The songs that Johnnie and Chuck wrote together began a chain reaction that changed the world. The songs they wrote not only changed the face of music, they opened the door to cultural changes. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No other piano player sounds like Johnnie Johnson.

Gus Thornton: Bass. Toured and recorded with Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn (4records), Katie Webster, Renee Smith and Johnnie Johnson. Gus’s association with Johnnie Johnson dates back to the early eighties. Health issues have prevented Gus from heavy road touring of late, but he performs most nights of the week in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Each Tuesday and Thursday he performs with Kim Massie and the Solid Senders, and Wednesdays with the Rich McDonough Acoustic Band. All at The Beale On Broadway Club.

Rich McDonough: Guitar. Rich is a incredible feel player, and amazingly just keeps getting better. A former member of every good blues band in St. Louis, Rich leads the Rich McDonough Band, which performs most nights of the week in St Louis, and within a good 2 to 3 hour radius of the city. Also performs with Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne.

Joe Pastor:  Rich recommended him and he is great. Also a killer xylophone player.  An expert drummer in just about every style of music. A member if the Rich McDonough Band. Look to hear a lot more from Joe Pastor.

Larry Thurston: Vocals, tracks 1-4, &6. Former frontman for the Matt Murphy and Blues Brothers Bands during the late eighties and early nineties. Larry’s professional association with Johnnie Johnson and Gus Thornton goes back to the early eighties. Quite simply one of the most powerful perfomers I have ever seen. Familial and pastoral responsibilities have taken priority over a performing career for Larry of late. But give Larry a few minutes, and he gets his chops right back..

Victor “Big Daddy” Johnson: Vocal Track 5. If you heard Victor’s vocal before you read this, guaranteed shivers ran down your spine when his voice came over the airwaves. Unique and pure blues, the voice of Victor Johnson is a voice you will not forget. Health issues have prevented Victor from much live performance recently, but I recorded songs with him a few years back, and you can expect a release from Victor before too long.

Produced by Jeff Alexander
Recorded at Sonic Temple Studios, Union, Mo. By Chris Hughes.
Tracks 1 through 5 recorded Nov 15th, Track 6 Dec 1, 2004.
Vocals recorded Dec 1st, Dec 18th, and Dec 21st, 2004.
Mixed at Sear Sound, NY, NY, Jan 20th, 2005.
Mixed by Hugh Pool, with Steve Mazur and Jeff Alexander. Thanks to Hugh for doing a great job.

A special thank you to Walter Sear for providing a wonderful facility and experience. And to Walter’s staff; Roberta Findlay, Steve Mazur & Chris Allen for making it a great day.

Photos of Johnnie Johnson on home page and on cd by Art Holliday. Copyright Art Holliday. A huge thanks to Art for his generosity.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6:Lyrics by Jeff Alexander, Music by Johnnie Johnson, Rich McDonough and Jeff.

Alexander. Track 5: Lyrics by Jeff Alexander, Music by Johnnie Johnson and Jeff Alexander.

All Songs: Cousin Moe Music, BMI / JFJ Music, ASCAP

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