NEW Single - Brooklyn in My Bones (feat. Angel Rissoff)


Cousin Moe Music introduces it’s work in progress. A 6 song EP, Brooklyn In My Bones, by The Natural Born Schmoozers™. The title track is a scorching, electric, old fashioned, loose, organic Rock and Roll version of Brooklyn In My Bones. You can watch the video for an alternate, acoustic version on YouTube, above. The Natural Born Schmoozers is an amazing amalgam of 5 key players and several vocalists that I assembled to present this offering of my songs.

Why The Natural Born Schmoozers? Schmus, or schmooze, is Yiddish for a good natured, friendly, informal conversation. A schmoozer is someone shooting the breeze, congenially. My material for this project deals with it’s subject matter and life in a good natured fashion, plus, I chose the participants not only for their musical ability, but also their schmoozability. They represent the height of musical talent and sensitivity, but they’re all great people too. Angel Rissoff & La-Rita Gaskins are the primary vocalists. Andy Falco, Erik Della Penna, Neil Jason, Clint DeGanon, & Jeremy Baum are my players. Lisa Gutkin guests on fiddle.

I’ m past the 50% mark towards completing production. The live band performances and most vocals are tracked. Please watch for our upcoming KickStarter program to fund the COMPLETION of the various Brooklyn In My Bones projects. Great physical rewards will be available, but, if you love great music, your greatest satisfaction will be the music you receive. And knowing that you helped get this music heard. Music, songwriters, musicians, we need our audience more today than we ever have, Brooklyn In My Bones™ t-shirts are available for purchase now, at the Clothing page on this site. Hoodies, jackets, and other items, will be available soon.

My other artists, Johnnie Johnson and Larry Thurston, have great blues projects on the site here. Check them out too.

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